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Russell A. Irving

Your spouse realizes
That they acted as a fool would.
They do not need you
Reminding them of that fact.


Admit it!
We love to laugh at someone when they open their mouth and insert both, oversized feet. Or, we eagerly anticipate certain people making the expected faux pas, so that we can spread the news of it. (And, thank goodness that the Internet makes that a whole lot easier to do!) We also love to remind people of when they made a fool of themselves. It makes us seem 'more perfect' or 'powerful'.

Most humor is done at the expense of someone else. Their mistakes. Stupidity. Over-inflated ego. Mini tragedies that befall them.

With that acknowledged, let's switch gears, and think of your spouse.
They undoubtedly, from time to time (or perhaps more frequently), say or do something incredibly embarassing or foolish. (For example, complain about your mother without realizing that she just walked into the room. Or, trying to talk their way out of a speeding ticket by spouting the names of influential people whom you truly don't know.)

Yet, if they are like most folks, they instantly recognize what they have done. So now, they feel embarassed, dumb, or worried. They truly do not need you reminding them of it. They don't need you kicking them while they are down. They certainly, do not need you, holding this over their head, so that you get what you want to from them.
If you don't, they will remember that. It will effect how they relate to you, not only at that moment in time, but for the foreseeable future. 
Depending upon their nature, they will either anxiously await your next foolish move or they will withdraw and become less willing to share portions of their day with you.

And, finally, exchange places with them...
Did they feel oh, sooo good? Or, pretty lousy? And, were you looking for a corner to hide in, or a way to lash back out?
I guess that old 'Golden Rule' thing still applies today. Who knew?