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Warning! Yes, They Do Exist!

Amazing! - This hot lady approaches you at the club, takes your hand, and gently pulls you onto the dance floor.
You are obviously flattered!
She gyrates against you and your hormones go crazy. She whispers in your ear that you can have for the night. And, no, she is not a hooker or undercover cop.
You're so horny right now that you only have listen to what she just said. All you can actually remember is that she invited you over to her place. And, you are so ready to take her up on this.

So, you spend the night doing all sorts of umentionable things. She asks you to stay for breakfast, but you have to go to work, so you tell her that you'll take a raincheck. You notice that your license is halfway out of  your wallet, but all money and credit cards are still there, so you simply shrug this off.

Problem is that she shows up at your place. So, what can you do but invite her in. There is another evening of pleasure, but she invites herself to stay. -  You find something a bit off. You tell her that it's time for work and so she leaves with you.
But upon your return she is there in your place, naked. You're simultaneously turned-on and turned-off. How did she get in? And, you have plans with another lady. - When she hears you ask her to leave, she gets upset and threatens to accuse you of rape if you don't spend the night with her.

This scenario does in fact happen. There are women who like some men, become stalkers. Accusers of acts that you never performed. And, for men, it is much more difficult to get law enforcement to take your claim seriously.

So, am I describing this, so that I frighten you? Because, I probabl;y di, to some extent.
My purpose is simply to let you know that there such women out there. - There are also women who will physically abuse men. And, again, it is difficult, let alone emnbarassing, to mention this to police or even crisis centers. (Although more and more, domestic violence centers are willing to help men who suffered abuse.)

The best ways to help avoid such problems are: Don't pick up a stranger at a club and take her home, right away. Arrange for public dates. (You know, the old-fashioned type.) - Check her out on the web. there are plenty of background search services. - Google her. - Check her out on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Sometimes, a fantasy becomes a nightmare. Be careful, out there!

'Nuff said!