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Russell A. Irving

Would you want your child
To have a marriage
That is similar
To the one that you have?

What a loaded question, huh?

The truth is that this is probably one of the most important questions in the book, Improve Your Marriage - Don't Overlook The Obvious.
Why? -- You do know the answer. Either on the surface or deep inside of you.

Perhaps your marriage is great overall, but you do know that there is always room for what they call in the business world, 'Continuous Improvement'.

But, if your marriage is shaky. If one or both of you abuses the other one. If there is substance abuse, whether ignored or addressed in a wishy-washy fashion. If there are sexual or emotional affairs that damage your relationships. If this is a second marriage that you believe should never have taken place, but is salvageable, and yet you don't want to admit another 'failure'. (At least in your eyes.) If... if... So many 'if's.

Not only do your children deserve better. You made a vow to them, the minute that they were conceived, and again, the moment when they were born.
Male or female, you owe them.

Because, like it or not, your relationship with your spouse is going to have a dramatic impact on their future lives. And, perhaps those of future grandchildren.

So, grow up. Take responsibilty. And, work on your marriage, so that one day, your child will thank you for showing them what life and happiness and purpose and true love with another, can be.

'Nuff said!