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Simple and Effective Means to Show You Care for Your Family
by Stephen John

The people you consider as family, blood-related or not, should be the most important people in your life. No matter how busy life can get, spend time with them, treat them nicely and shower them with your love through a hearty, delicious meal you can enjoy together.

In this day and age of immeasurable busyness and a fixation on social issues, it is highly likely that we neglect, unintentionally or otherwise, the people we love.

Each day, you are confronted with so many problems and bombarded with responsibilities. Overwhelmed by all these, you often forget to stop and take a moment to see how the people who mean the world to you are doing. You rarely pause to check on how the day went for your mom, your dad, your sisters, your brothers, your wife, your husband, your kids, and other individuals you hold dear in your heart.

It is worth taking the time off to show these people you do care about them. One of the simplest yet most effective ways to do this is to tell them. Simple as it may seem, letting the words out can be extremely difficult. The truth, however, is that saying "I love you" or asking "How was your day?" lets your family know you care about what's going on in their life. Your adolescent kid, who is starting to wander the world on their own, will appreciate some show of concern from you as a parent.

Call your family. If you are away because of work, always keep in touch. If your college kid has left home, make sure you maintain your closeness by speaking to her or him regularly. It is not easy for a family member to be away from home, and it can be equally frustrating for the ones who need to endure your absence.

We tend to brush this reality under the rug, but really, gestures do matter. Giving your wife or husband a kiss or a hug and holding his or her hand means the world to your partner. Taking the time to listen is also vital, and so is sharing your thoughts. With or without a special occasion, give flowers or buy gifts. Who says it needs to be expensive? The most important thing to remember is that even with so many parental and financial duties that demand your time, spending time with your spouse should still take top priority.

Your parents miss you, and they want to see their grandkids. Pay them regular or surprise visits. This will tell them that you still remember and chose to take that long drive no matter how busy you and your entire family is. They may not be that expressive but you can be sure that they appreciate all that you are doing.

Give your family an awesome treat. A much-needed vacation with your spouse and your kids may just be what you need to take all the stress away. A movie date with your family is also a great idea. Can't eat in that new restaurant because the weather is stopping you? Cook for your family! You can find wonderful recipes from online sources, and even get video tutorials! This is a great chance not only to treat your family to great dinner, but also to unleash the chef in you!

About the Author
Stephen John is a food and wine expert. He asks, are you looking to find the delicious food you can prepare easily for your family? Whether it is for a special occasion or a regular weekday with the people you care about, has great food recipes and helpful tips you can always use for another memorable breakfast, lunch or dinner.