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You Have The Right To Be Self-Centered And Spoiled!
Don't Let Anyone Tell You Differently!

Russell Irving

Here we go, folks! Another instance where I am not in line with most 'relationship gurus'. - But, do I care? Not really!

There are some of you who are selfish, self-centered, uncompromising, and... Whether or not you realize it. And, this is a problem. Well, at least it is for your family, friends, and dates. They expect you to consult them before making decisions. They expect that you will consider their needs and desires. That you will wish to please them as much as they wish to please you. 

For example, why should you consider where they want to go on your date.  Obviously, they should and will pick up the tab. (They have your company. It's the least that they can do!)
You will decide whether or not there will be a goodnight hug, a make-out session, or a night of passion. Because, you are the best lover. And, you have the right to be discriminating.
2nd, 3rd or more dates should be your decision. And, if they don't like it, they weren't worth your time, after all.

Assuming that you both make it to the altar... The wedding, honeymoon, and future residence are not up to compromise. You are a princess or prince. They are only the 'commoner' who graces your arm and bed.

Now, I'm not really being facetious, here, lest you think that I am.
There is a place for the self-centered and spoiled of the world. And, if you don't like it, then avoid a relationship with them. That simple!
They would not be satisfied with your relationship expectations, but would not attempt to change you. (Aside from the fact that they would not waste their time, trying... )

Seriously, think about this.
There are women who wish to be stay-at-home wives and mothers. Some wish to be out in the work world. Others wish to be subservient to their husbands.
There are men who will always put family second to their work. Others would do anything to be a stay-at-home dad and be a major part of their children's development and lives. Some want a domineering partner in their life.
Although they might not admit it, we know that some couples thrive on 'kinky' sex. While others refrain from lovemaking unless it is for the purpose of procreation. And, still others simply 'go with the flow' of the moment. 
Budgets are critical to some wives and husbands, while others work to spend, and some look at credit cards as simply open bank vaults. 

We can all judge any of these folks' desires. Yet, would we want them to judge ours?
As long as both parties agree to what is going on, and no one is being abused, shouldn't they have the type of relationship/ marriage that they want?

Back to 'self-centered' and 'spoiled' women and men.
If that truly is who you are and want to be, then I only ask that you are upfront with potential mates. That you don't give them the idea that they might be able to change you, down the road. And, for crying out loud, don't continue a relationship with someone who is looking to 'fix you'!

So, while your desires are not my own. And, I question just how happy you are and will be, ultimately... I say, 'Go for it!'.
As for the rest of us, 'mere mortals', simply use caution... Spot the signs of the selfish folks... Know what you would be getting into. And, from there.... Good luck!

'Nuff said!