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Russell Irving

Who hasn't thought about seeking revenge at some point in their life. Including their dating life.
You know! The gal whom you've spent a year or more with... Shared bodily fluids with... Spent precious time and money on... The one who either dumped you, without there being someone else in their life. Or, who cheated on you. Or, who simply said that it wouldn't work, but you should 'remain friends'.

Hurt and betrayal are 2 huge motivators for seeking revenge on a former love interest. How deeply invested you were emotionally, more than anything, will likely determine just how much energy you will want to invest in a plan for 'getting even' with them.

But, slow down! Take a deep breath. Because revenge often backfires and takes a toll upon the person plotting and executing it. - Don't believe me? Then look at these possible scenarios.

* Bashing them online. Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Google+... Folks will likely look at you as being pathetic and vindictive. Anyone in that circle who might have had the remotest interest in dating you, if the opportunity ever arose, will probably dismiss that idea, real quick!

* Spreading sexual photos of the person. Again, you will be looked at as a pervert and a truly vindictive person. Additionally, the odds are that the object of your revenge would also have such photos of you. And, you truly don't want them spread around. Regardless of how endowed that you might be.

* Stalking. Easily would result in criminal charges against you. Could cause you to lose your job. Give up your apartment/ home in favor of a small cell that you would share with Bubba.

* Crank calling. See above.

* Dating their best friend, sister, or boss. Do you truly believe that your ex would not tell these folks of your sexual prowess or lack thereof? Of any of your bad habits?

* Telling her parents, friends, or co-workers about her bad habits. Would they believe you? Or, if they did, would they see you as being more than a vindictive jerk?

I could go on. But, I imagine that you catch my drift.
Bottom-line, forget anything that you have heard about 'revenge-actions' that might sound appealing, at the moment.
The old saying that 'living a good life is the best revenge' is probably the only 'revenge-oriented' saying that is worth heeding. - So, go and move on! They obviously were not 'the right one' for you. Don't you deserve 'the best'?

'Nuff said.

Copyright Russell Irving 2013