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Putting Family First with Akinji Donaldson

Akinji Donaldson knows a thing or two about fatherhood. After all, the former semi-pro baseball player and successful entrepreneur gave up his career to be a full time father to his only child, 9-year-old Kimani. Akinji Donaldson is thus in a fairly authoritative position to speak about the importance of putting family first. Here he gives a few tips on how to make sure you are putting your own family first.

  • Set limits. Akinji Donaldson says that setting limits for the things you do outside the family dynamic can be very beneficial to overall family wellness. Limit the amount of time kids get to spend in front of the TV; by the same token, limit the amount of time you spend in front of the TV, or at the computer, or otherwise occupied. Limiting these things helps set boundaries and fosters family time.
  • Meet in the middle. Akinji Donaldson knows that what you want to do and what your son or daughter wants to do are often at odds. But be willing to compromise, or to come up with creative solutions that interest both parties. If you are always doing what your kid wants, Akinji Donaldson says, you will end up resentful of family time and looking for ways to avoid it. If the family always does what you want, however, the opposite is just as true. Come together as a family and make decisions you can all enjoy. The deciding can even be part of the fun, says Akinji Donaldson.
  • Have fun. Akinji Donaldson believes that there is a common misconception that “family time” is a necessary evil, that it is something the family forces itself to do in order to maintain some semblance of normalcy. This attitude is self-defeating, in that coming into anything with a negative outlook helps to influence the results in a negative way. Instead, Akinji Donaldson advises trying to view family time as getting to hang out with your best friends. You may not share all the same interests (or even a few of the same interests), but you can come together and have fun no matter what you’re doing.
  • Have a good attitude. A good attitude goes a long way toward making something work, says Akinji Donaldson. Positivity breeds positivity, and negativity breeds negativity. Be positive and you will find you enjoy the results, Akinji Donaldson says. Make sure to make fun a priority.