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One More Chance

Russell Irving

"She kept complaining about my drinking. What's wrong with a few beers after a long, hard day at work? I blame those women's magazines for her crazy ideas about marriage. And, she took the kids... My kids, with her!"

Most of us are guilty of it. Guilty of assuming that we can continue doing things that our spouse detests. That because they have made empty threats in the past, they will continue to put up with your problem behaviors.

For some of you it might be nagging. Others, substance abuse. Or, affairs. Gambling. Yelling. Not being available for lovemaking or other physical intimacy. Being too tired to spend time with them. Deciding that every little thing is worthy of a major blow-up. And, the list could go on and on.

Fact is that everyone has a breaking point. The place and time will be different for each spouse. But, at some point, they will leave. They might begin by simply withdrawing from you. More and more. Or, with affairs of their own. Or, ... But, the bottom-line is that they will leave.

You say that you also have complaints. And, that you are fed up with them. - Well, here's the fact of life. One of you needs to begin to change their bad behaviors. To be first. And, after a while, you might be able to convince your wife/ husband that you want the marriage to work.

And, lest I forget. Love... The passionate, high-flying type of love that you once had, will always fade in and out. Many times, more 'out' than 'in'. But, it is up to you and they to do something to keep it going on some acceptable level.
One of the best ways is to do loving things. More and more. And, often, the feelings will grow along with the actions.

There is not always going to be 'one more day' to make things up to them. And, do you truly wish to be alone with your regrets?

'Nuff said, don't you think?