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Multitasking Not a Great Dating Plan!

Russell Irving

Isn't it great? Dating lots of people? Or, at least more than one, hot person?

Well, if you agree with the above, then you're part of a large crowd. - You can do things with people having a wide variety of interests and passions. And, speaking of 'passions', what's better than having the opportunity for a sexual smorgasbord?
But, if you are oneof those who
is currently hoping to meet Ms. Or Mr. Right, then you need to stop for a sec and think about what you are doing.

Multitasking is what we are used to doing these days. The problem is that multitasking in the dating world does not lend itself well to an outcome of marriage, or at least a great monogamous relationship.

Fact of the matter is that attempting to juggle multiple relationships at once is fraught with pitfalls and 'dangers'.
Let's take a peek at some of these.

#1 Financial Especially if you are the guy, odds are that you will still be expected to foot the bill for most/ all dating activities. Now, if you're loaded with cash (or credit) that might not be an issue. But for most men, this will be one. Especially in this economy! And, there are only so many 'quiet evenings' alone at one or the others pad, before the urge to go out and do something fun, takes over.

#2 Time Despite our best efforts at time management, there are only so many hours in the day. And, depending upon your work/ college commitments, family obligations, civic/ sports/ other activities, there might not be much time left to split among multiple relationships.

#3 Quality Time Getting to know someone well enough before making a commitment to a long term romance or marriage takes time. And, not simply hours, but time spent in a variety of situations. How else does one get to see how the other person handles stress, disagreements, money, moods...

#4 Jealousy Not too many women (or men, for that matter) can truly accept being romantically or sexually involved with someone who is also involved with another. Jealousy. A sense of competition. And, with these comes a sense of stress that does not make for a fun or ongoing relationship. They don't call 'jealousy' a 'green-eyed monster' for nothing!

#5 Secret-Keeping With the above point in mind, the temptation to keep each romance in the dark about the other is great. However, secrets and their companion, 'lies', have an awfully nasty and frequent habit of coming out in the open. At the worst possible time. Often with disastrous results.

#6 Sex You knew that I had to cover this topic if I was going to be helpful, right? Whether we are talking about simple necking, 'everything but', or intercourse, having multiple partners... Seeking to determine who is the best sexual fit for you... Multiple lovers at one time is incredibly dangerous. Think about it! The more sexual partners that you have, the greater the risk for a sexually transmitted disease. And, they are real, common, and very nasty (even the 'best of them'). If you get an STD, then your search for a life partner becomes that more difficult. Additionally, there are some serious health complications resulting from these. Then, there is the added pressure, if your date is also sexually active with others. Are you as great a lover? Since sex is largely a 'mental thing' that can affect your physical performance and pleasure, you run the risk of not being at your best in the bedroom.

Bottom line, it's one thing to date multiple people at once until you find someone whom you think has potential for being a long term mate. But once you find that man or woman, spend some quality time with them before moving on. And, even if you are not looking a lasting relationship, keep many of the above points in mind. They will still apply to you! - Good luck!

Nuff said!

Copyright Russell Irving 2013