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Men Are Also Victims of Harassment and Assault

Russell A. Irving

There is a war of sorts going on! And while the overall cause is a just one on many levels, theer are also very many innocent victims. Among them, your sons, brothers, and for some of our readers, your husbands.

Sexual harassment, intimidation, and assault are inexcusable. Period. But, we typically hear only of the female victims. Yet, the Federal Equal Employment Oportunity Commission has seen an ever increasing number of men filing claims. Over 2,000 such claims in 2016. - Rape crisis centers/organizations will tell you that men are also raped and the victims of domestic violence.

As embarassing as it can be for a woman to claim that they were a victim of workplace sexual harassment or assault, imagine how it must be for a male to do so. Whether the man is heterosexual or gay. - Society as a whole often imagines that if a man is harassed or even sexually assaulted by a woman, that they probably loved every moment of it. Not so! - I remember working in settings wherein if the genders were reversed, supervisors would have been fired, demoted, or at least sued.

And don't be so naive to believe that a woman who is turned down for a promotion that they desire but might not have deserved, or a woman who was jilted by her lover, or someone who simply enjoys having power over workplace subordinates, would never falsely accuse a male of inappropriate behavior.

Media has, on occasion reported such matters. (Think of the recent Rolling Stones campus rape story that proved to be a false story.) Yet, they do not report on it sufficiently.

Where power and not sex itself is often at the root of such actions, expect there to be an increasing number of such reports where the woman is the villian, and not the male, as they increasingly gain positions of power and authority.

Unfortunately, in an effort to expose the dark behavior that deserves to see the light of day, it seems that men in general are being painted with a broad brush. One that says that all of us, or most of us, are 'pigs' and worse.

And reverse discrimination should not be accepted as a solution to the problem of men behaving badly/horribly/criminally. The 2018 SAG (Screen Actors Guild) presenters will only be female. How is that fair to all of the decent men?

Bottom-line is that all genders are comprised of good and bad people.

'Nuff said.