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You might not give it a second thought, but we men certainly do. In fact we give it a third, forth, fifth, maybe, pathetically enough, a 1,000th thought.

When we love our wife/ significant other and they repeatedly turn us down for sex, or hand-holding, or kisses, back rubs, massages... We truly feel the pain of rejection. We do feel as if we are less of a man. Especially in the eyes of who matters most to us. (Other than ourselves, of course.) And, it is pain. It is also humiliation.

And, with this comes much doubt about the relationship itself. "Our we simply roommates?" Or, "Is she staying with me for financial reasons? Or to spare mt feelings? Or, I'm 'safe' for her to be involved in?".

And, with these thoughts sometimes come doubts concerning other aspects of our lives. Such as our worth at work. Or with our children.

Too many men live a life filled with emptiness. They live a sexless marriage. A relationship without intimacy.

So, ladies, men are at your mercy. Not really because they are insecure, by nature. But, because you are such an important part of their life. You are a barometer of sorts for who they are and what they mean to the rest of society.

I would love to hear from both ladies and men on this subject. Be honest, but watch for any unsuitable language.

copyright - R. Irving 2010