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Russell Irving

In today's economy, millions of us are struggling. To varying degrees. Yet, struggling, nonetheless. - Having to do without extras... In some instances, having to give up our home.

Millions are without jobs. And, when a job comes along, the issue of what sacrifices are necessary arises. - For those with work, the issue is often 'How much will I tolerate in order to keep my job? Take stuff home? Work extra hours for the bubble? Commute more? Relocate? Or...'.

So it is that couples often face the dilemma of what sacrifices need to be made. And what impact they will they have on the family... The spousal relationship. The children, if there are any.

These are not simple questions to answer. And, I will not be so presumptuous as to pretend that I know what you should do.
Yet, I will point out that once you have a job that will pay at least your minimum bills. The necessary ones. Not cable. Not payments for an expensive automobile. Probably not private school. Fancy new clothes every month... You get my drift. At that point, I urge you to examine the impact upon the family. In terms of time. Your stress level. Your ability to have a quality relationship with each one of them.

Because the economy will eventually turn around. But once there is too much damage to the family's cohesiveness, it can seldom be regained... Or, easily.

'What to do', you ask, 'if my spouse and kids resent my spending time with them at the expense of doing without the niceties of life?'. -- If your family truly cares more about material things than your health, stress, and family time together, then I hate to tell you what you probably already know.
I remember some years back watching a TV segment on a man who had a high-powered job, earning well over $200,000 per year. The family had multiple homes, country club memberships, great cars, and more. He was laid off. And, he was middle-aged. He eventually was hired as a veterinary assistant, if memory serves me correctly. Despite all this, his relationship with his wife was strong. Yes, it was tough for them. Each in very different ways. But, they were committed to their marriage. And, to each other. They made it work! Without all of their former expensive trappings.

So, it's a juggling act. But, if you are only the breadwinner. And nothing much more, than why stay? Just a thought.

If you listen to Dave Ramsey, you know that he values not only living a debt-free life, but, most of all, living with a family that is committed to one another. I agree with him, here!

'Nuff said.

copyright - R. Irving 2012