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We shut off telephones
During business meetings
And doctor appointments.
Why not, also,
During meal time, family time,
And one-on-one time?

By Russell Irving

Who hasn't been in their church, synagogue, or mosque and had their prayers or train of thought derailed by the sound of someone's cell phone going off?
Or, been in a business meeting and gotten irritated by the person next to you, whose ring tone is not only annoying but caused you to miss the assignment that your boss was verbally dishing out to you?

And, don't you see the signs in doctors' offices telling you to shut off your cell phone?

So, we realize the importance or necessity of keeping phones off or not answering them, when a part of most situations, involving other people. - Yet, we often do not afford our spouse or children the same courtesy.
So many times people have told me that they get annoyed when the phone rings as they are sitting down to eat... Or, when they are watching a movie together... Playing a board game... Even, making love... And, their spouse decides to take the call.

Now, virtually everyone has an answering system of some type. - And, what happened in the 'olden days' when there were no cell phones or even landline phones throughout a house? Cordless phones?

If you are the one who answers these calls, you are truly the height of ignorance! Yes, you! Your spouse and children deserve your attention. Especially during family/ spousal moments.

Do not... I repeat, do not underestimate the importance of your full attention. This is one of the actions that can quickly ruin a romantic mood, family bonding, and more...

My best suggestion would be to turn off the ringers/ ringtones at these times. And, do not cheat by putting your cell phone on vibrate! - Unless  you would rather be pleasing the person on the other end of the phone, instead of your wife or husband.

Nuff said!

Copyright Russell Irving 2013