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How Dare They Approach Or Stare At You?

By Russell A. Irving

You're either insulted or disgusted by their attention.
Imagine! They have the nerve to hit on you... Stare at your great body... Buy you a drink, ask you to dance, or point at you and giggle. Perhaps, simply stare longingly at your face...

Yes, you are fine looking. You work out. Keep your hair, just right... Wear the latest fashions or dress for success...
And, for all of that effort, these women and men whom you obviously would never pay attention to (at least not romantically) have the nerve to imagine that you might want to spend time with them!

'No', you say, emphatically! You are not a snob. But, you have the right to spend time with others who value what you do and match your looks.
But let's examine this situation, just a little, okay?

You have on a muscle shirt, shorts... You do have a great, shapely body and have on a plunging neckline, a slit up your skirt...
Why would you imagine that only similarly attractive people would be turned on by you?
If for some reason you let your body go, would you not still be attracted to the same body types, in all probability?
As for dressing in an expensive suit or wearing fine, designer dresses with matching, killer shoes, would you not expect many types of people to find that to be a rush?

Now, for what might be a 'bitter pill of Truth' for you to swallow.
Many of you are likely going to end up marrying or spending lots of time with someone whom you would never imagine yourself with, now.
Doubt me? Well... Simply look around yourself... How often do you see a 'hunk' or a 'fox' with someone who is not stereotypically a physical match for them/ The answer, if you are being honest and you are observant, would be 'plenty of times'.

A second dose of reality for you to swallow would come in the reality that you or your physically-attractive mate might well let themselves go, down the road. Whether from stress, health problems, lack of time to pamper yourself, children, or...

So, am I telling you that you should simply 'settle' for someone whom you are not attracted to?
Absolutely not! I am saying that you need to not be self-centered, judgmental, or rude when someone approaches you or simply admires how you look. - You truly never know when that 'Special Someone' will come along... Or, in what 'gift wrapping' they will appear.

'Nuff said!