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Life offers all of us, many temptations. Some, the type that can find it's way into our wallet. Some will end up on our hips and stomach. Still others, will wrap their arms around you, plant kisses, and then, 'trap you'!

So, guys, let's have a quick & deep look at some of these goodies that we should avoid. Now, I expect most of you to yawn at least partway through this. But, I also know that enough of you have ither fallen for these, or have contemplated doing so, enough of times... So here goes:

#1 Don't sleep (or fool around) with your girlfriend/ wife's mother, sister, or best friend. Period. - I can't tell you how badly any of these will end for you. Some mother's are no longer 'getting  any' from their hubby's or have been single for so long, without a romanctic relationship, that you look better to them than you normally would. Then, of course, you have the fantasy of an older, more experienced woman seducing a young, virile man. - No matter how well that you want or try to hide the affair, trust me it will come out. - Then, there is the sister or best friend. They might be jealous of your woman. Or simply turned-on by you. Or, wanting to payback your lady over a real or imagined slight. Either way, watch out!

#2 Steal from work. - You probably have enough smarts not to pocket the cash that a customer handed you. But, if you don't, do you truly want to gamble on bunking in with 'Bubba' because of this? How confident are you that the boss does not have hidden cameras set up? Or that the customer is actually 'a plant'? - Same goes for taking home 'stuff''. You might not agree with the policy to ditch any leftover food at the end of the night or to donate slightly damaged merchandise, but it isn't your call!

#3 Beware the 'Psycho Chick'! - You know her! The super hot lady who comes on to you. And, wants you so badly, within minutes. Or the one who falls for your lamest line, right away. So, you have sex with her. Then, think 'That's it!' - The problem is that she stalks you. And don't believe that simply because you had this fling while away at a conference that she still won't show up at your door. Or, cry rape or... (Just as there are sick men, there are sick women.)

#4 Driving drunk or under the influence of something else. - You've seen the ads. Was lectured by parenst when you were a teenager. You think that you're man enough to know when you are impaired. Well, let me send this message your way: Most folks do not know when they are too out-of-it to get behind the wheel of a multi-ton monster. - And, if we need to get practical: Do you want your insurance rates to jump even higher than they already do? Or, to lose your license and be at the mercy of someone else or expensive cabs or slow buses? Then, the real biggie is do you want to hurt or kill someone? 'Cause I will guarantee you that 99%+ of those who do so, never intended to. And once done, there is no going back. (What a 'buzz kill'!)

#5 Flipping-off a stranger. Or mouthing off to one. - Hey! I get it! When someone cuts me off on the highway or cuts in line at the market, I want to use my middle finger or let my mouth let words spill out of it; words that Mom never intended to pass my lips. But, there are 'crazy' folks out there. Dangerous ones. People with guns. People with sticks. People much bigger than you are...

#6 Cheat on your spouse or girlfriend. - Do I really need to explain why this is not a good idea?

#7 Lie on your resume or job application. - The truth eventually comes out. - 'Nuff said!

#8 Don't use 'protection'. - Let's do the math. Condoms are perhaps 98 or 99% effective. How lucky do you think that you are? Between Sexually Transmitted Diseases... Having a child who you are not ready to acknowledge, raise, or support... And, looking like a 'careless dude'...

#9 Lying to your spouse or boss. - See #7.

#10 - Fill-In-The-Blank!