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Believe That Your Marriage Will Last

By Russell Irving

You have your doubts.
You wake up and roll over to look at the face lying next to you. And, you have doubts.

Who wouldn't? You've been married for a while, now. And, the bloom is off the rose, so to speak. There are children, financial pressures, work stress, commitments, housework... Too much on your shoulders. Yes, that is it! Too much falls upon you. They aren't pulling their share!
And, to top it all off, they aren't affectionate or loving or sexual, as they used to be. Or, they want too much of you, not realizing how burned out you are.
Or, they tune out with sports, Facebook, drinking, time away from home, or any myriad of ways not to spend time with you.

And, you are not only fed up, you have serious doubts as to why you should be there with them. To roll over and to see their face, morning after morning. Night after night.
And, you once had such high hopes for this marriage. That it would be fun, a true partnership, and one that would last.

Well, all or some of your complaints are probably valid. At least to some extent. (You know that it is human nature for us to exaggerate things, especially when life is not going as planned.)
The fact is that your spouse probably has some concerns and complaints of their own. (Imagine!)

The reality is that the moment you stop believing that your marriage will last. That things can and will improve, the odds that it will be what you hope for, diminish greatly.

Once you focus on a positive outcome, and try convincing yourself that it is in fact what will take place, the easier it will be to deal with some of the problems that you currently dwell on. And, there will be a cascading effect. A small worry will have less power over your mind and day. That in turn will free up energy to find a better method for coping with some other stress.
And, of course, you need to communicate with your spouse. That does not mean to jump down their throat or yell at them. Or, to unload more than 1 issue at a time. Baby steps...

Ask any businessman or homeless person who regained their life and dignity. They will tell you just how powerful a positive belief in a positive future had on their life.
It is no different with marriage. - So start believeing in the power of your love and future together.

'Nuff said!