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Another Instance of a Double Standard Plus...

Last week, in Rhode Island, a local man wrote a letter to the editor of his town newspaper stating his displeasure in seeing women wearing yoga pants outside of a gym or their home. Well, many women became outraged his purported sexism. That anger led to a parade of approximately 300 women, children, and some men parading on his street and supposedly some threats against him. National media aired news of the situation.

There were the claims that he somehow was 'dictating' what they could and could not wear, as opposed to expressing his point of view. This reminds me of the women who complain that sexy women on TV are often shown in revealing clothing, making them feel badly.

But, where is their outrage against the women who criticize the attire of some men?-  Here is but one example: . I have personally heard a number of these complaints. Why, I see TV shows where the wife makes similar comments about their husbands' choice of attire. -- And, let's not forget the fact that TV and movie heroes are almost always handsome, well-built guys.

The reality is that people are, in fact, allowed to choose their clothing. That not everyone matches the Stereotype-Of-The-Day for attractiveness.
But, we do not have go 'nuclear' on those expressing opinions that we disagree with. And, we can watch something else, if we choose.

Equal rights come with responsibility. And, responses should also be proprtional.

'Nuff said.