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No Intimacy in Marriage? Advice to Sexless Wives

By: Howard Guy

Marriage for most young women seems like a paradise of love, intimacy and passion in the bedroom and even those who understand that with time the flames might burn a little lower do not expect them to go out and be left with cold lifeless sheets every night as their husband becomes disinterested in sex and begins to refuse your advanced. No intimacy in marriage like this is a frustrating, humiliating and depressing thing for wives who crave the connection that comes with physical intimacy and the problems it can cause emotionally can be dire.

With this in mind the first relationship advice for women stuck in a sexless marriage is to not do what many other have done and blame themselves and their body as being the source of the problem. While it may be an obvious connection that physical attraction is the cause of physical rejection this is not really case, even men with their reputation for being on a one track mind about sex have an underlying emotional core that sex is the connection to and losing that connection is because of relationship issues and problems in their own life they cannot come to grips with not that you may have put on an extra pound a mans mind does not work that way no matter how much sitcoms might brand men as being superficial.

If you have any respect for your husband then this is the time to show it and realize that it is not you but a problem they have that you can help solve if you can find out what it is. The problems that impact on a man's sex drive can be many and varied however and a few examples that often crop up are:

  • Stress: Sometimes their work, family or social life can place enormous stress on them and can be hard to understand or get the truth out of them.
  • Resentment: Sometimes men's instincts to be free can lead to a buried resentment to marriage, this does not mean they cannot be happy in marriage but they cannot deal with their internal problems and the pent up frustration impacts on their sexuality
  • Fear: Hidden in many men's mind is fear of many things about sex, perhaps they are embarrassed about something sexually, and perhaps they have been abused sexually. There are many things that can be akin to anxiety disorders that can develop over time
  • Boredom: Sometimes routine in life and the bedroom can lead to no intimacy in marriage and they find it hard to articulate the problems.

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