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Ab Exercises For Men - What Works

Author: William Price

The Old Joke

There is an old joke that talks about the man who realized he was getting a big belly when he could no longer see his own feet when he walked. I can relate to that. Although my own feet were not completely obscured by my stomach, they were definitely becoming hidden. I was certainly bigger there than I had ever been before, and now it was showing. I knew that if I didn't make a quality decision to do something about it, it would get worse and worse. I set out to learn everything I could about ab exercises for men.

Our backs hold us upright, but it is our ab (abdominal) muscles that promote good posture and keep our insides from sagging in an unhealthy way. When our bellies become distended, stress and pressure is placed on our internal organs, and can cause them to malfunction. It may seem minor at first, perhaps some excess gas and an occasional bout of heartburn, but before long the symptoms can grow worse. In addition to heartburn we can experience bowel disorders, indigestion and many other unpleasant problems.

Ab exercises for men are especially important, because we males have a tendency to keep eating the way we did when we were younger and more active. Once we begin to work for a living, we are often no longer as active and are reluctant to cut back on how much we eat, or even regulate what we eat.

Exercise Examples

Here are a couple of example ab exercises for men you can do at home. The gym is a good place to go, too, but when we are just starting off it can be overkill. Also, who wants to work out with an oversized pouch while surrounded by totally ripped young men and women? Each of these can be performed once to twice a week to get good results, and you don't even need to leave your bedroom to do them.

The first of the better ab exercises for men is called the Captain's Chair. Sit on a tall chair with raised arms, placing your elbows and forearms firmly on the arms of the chair. With your feet placed squarely on the floor, raise your buttocks off the seat with your elbows. Then lift your knees and raise your feet off the ground as high as they will go. Don't lift them higher than comfortable, or hold them up for too long. Perform two or three sets of twelve reps until you feel the burn.

The Bicycle Crunch is a time-honoured favourite and one of the better ab exercises for men. Lie on the ground with your hands behind your head and your feet raised two or three feet off the ground, knees bent. Perform a pedalling motion with your feet, bringing your knees back to touch your elbows. Right knee should touch left elbow and left knee, right elbow. Two to three sets of twelve reps should do it.

Information is Key

To get and maintain six pack abs, there are many more ab exercises for men you can learn about. There are also resources that provide advice on what foods are best, and what foods are supposed to be good for you, but are actually not! For example, many of the foods that we have been told are good for weight loss actually store fat on our stomachs! It is important to keep well informed in order to build up and maintain a healthy set of abdominal muscles.

So we work out hard and build up a solid, toned stomach. We can feel it holding our insides inside. It feels like rock and we are proud of what we accomplished. But where is that rippled six pack effect. The reason many can feel the change but not see it is because we need to get our body fat lowered so it shows. This is called being cut. We can achieve this by regulating what we eat, concentrating on certain foods that promote fat burning.

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About the Author William Price is a health enthusiast, environmentalist and technophile.

For more complete and useful information on ab exercises for men, check out this review of a system designed to guide people through different ab exercises for men, as well as provide useful tips on foods to help achieve this.