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A Father's Outrage

Russell Irving

Disgust. Shame. Moral outrage.
All of the above are feelings that I have as a father and a man. - "Why", you might ask? The simple answer is: the Duggar patriach and Josh. (Plus Josh's mother... )

If your 'bubble' has insulated you from knowing that for years now there has been a hit reality TV series based upon the Duggar family of Arkansas, know that the elder Duggars have 19 children. (You heard me! 19 children. And, that does not count the grandchildren or spouses of their children.)
They preach 'family values' and a strong Christian faith.

Well, it has been revealed that Josh Duggar had not only sexually molested at least 4 of his sisters, and a babysitter, some of them, multiple times (touching of the genital area and breasts), over at least a one-year-plus time period, but the parents apparently did very little about it! Josh was supposedly 15 years old at the time. He told his father of his crimes. (Yes! Crimes!) And after being given a stern talking to, it appears that the next step was for Josh to speak to a family friend. And, much later, to get counsling. When after a year+ the father took him to speak with police, no charges were apparently filed. And, children services did not do as they are often mandated/expected to do: remove children from the home. Oh, get this! The police officer whom Mr. Duggar spoke with has since been convicted of child pornography and sentenced to decades of imprisonment. (Gee! No wonder he didn't see this as a crime, as others would have done.)

Mrs. Duggar, in an interview, when describing what Josh admitted to doing, said that he "made some really bad choices". Not that he committed a crime. Not that the average person would have faced punishment/mandatory counseling. No... Josh simply made bad choices. And, by the way, one of the parents said that we all sin.

Well, yes, we all do. But not on the level of a child molester. One who is now a parent himself.

So, back to my outrage. (Did I hide it sufficiently? I sure hope not.)
We can and should love our children. But that does not mean that we cover up any atrocious or illegal behavior. It does not mean that we do not help to hold them accountable, in a meaningful manner, for any crimes that they commit. It does not mean that we help to cover up crimes, of a heinous nature.

Now, I know that there will be some of you who will say that sexual exploration among siblings is not all that uncommon and that there was no rape or sexual acts other than fondling/touching of genital areas and breasts, involved here. And, I will say to you, "Where are your values?" - A 5 year old, for example cannot give morally acceptable consent to a 15 year old individual, when sex is concerned. And, I'm not certain about the other girls involved in this situation.
Additionally, how do we know whether or not Josh molested any other children? Or, that his actions did not include sexual acts of intercourse, oral, or anal sex? Do we know his current situations? Really?

What of the girls involved in this whole mess? Did the elder Duggars get them treatment?

I throw great blame at the parents. The  elder Mr. Duggar certainly gets a huge portion of that blame.
A father's task is to be a good role model for his children, be loving, and, among other things, teach them 'right' from 'wrong'. To teach them to take responsibility and not seek the 'easy way out'.

Fathers should be expressing outrage at how the Duggars have handled the situation, previously, and currently.

'Nuff said!