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A Different Type Of Valentine's Day Message

By Russell A. Irving

I have a brief and to-the-point Valentine's Day message for the adulterer among you.


Here's a unique Valentine's gift idea! End your affair.
Allow me to repeat myself: End your affair.

For too many years, you have strung this lady on. You made her wait for your calls. Forbid her from getting in touch with you on weekends and holidays. You took her out where no one whom you or your wife knew would see her. You went to fancy hotels or to cheap motels, located in some distant town. You might have even bedded her in your own home, when your wife was away.

She shed tears when you would leave. Or, when you once again broke the promise to end your marriage.
You refused to accept gifts from her for fear that you might slip up and bring them home where your wife would question your sudden 'good taste'.

You used her emotionally, physically, sexually. She was like a living, breathing doll that you could manipulate.

You knew how to punish her, as well as to please her. You witheld time and affection. Enjoying your power over her emotions, her life.

Well, this Valentine's Day, 'Man Up'! Do the right thing. End it. Leaving her with as much dignity as you can. For she deserves it.

And, when you go home to your wife, do the proper thing there, as well. Admit what you have done. Divorce her, leaving her with as much dignity as you can.

If I appear harsh. Or, judgemental, I am glad for that. Because women are not playthings. They do not exist merely for our pleasure.

A 'Real Man' is faithful. He cherishes the woman who gives of herself to him and to whom he gives of himself. He rides out the inevitable tough times. He relishes the good times. He does his best to be supportive. He accepts criticism without indulging in any wounded feelings that he might have. He is honest, without being brutally so. He knows how to straddle tenderness with passion.
Above all else, he believes that, ultimately, he made the right decision, when he married her. And, he does his best to let her know that.

'Nuff said.